Yeah, about two minutes after I took this pic I hit this horrendous storm…75mph down the freeway…cold rain and windy…soaked in seconds…lightning hitting all around…thunder cracking so loud I could feel it. ‘Wrath of God-type stuff.’

100 miles of that. Then a break…just about enough to dry out…then I hit it again. I felt like I was going through a washing machine…miles of horrendous rains, then dry out. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. There was never any light rain. It was either on…or off.

Probably 400 miles of rain alltogether.

And then there’s me, laughing my ass off…passing the trucks…splashing in the rain…riding as fast as I could see and yelling to the storms, “Is that all you’ve got!?”

Just a fraction below out of control…for hundreds of miles.

So…I’m a little bit nuts. Maybe I knew that.

It rained so hard…that 100 miles after I left the storms…after a 100 miles of dry roads…I stopped for fuel and as I was dripping on the floor at the gas station the clerk asks, “What the hell happened to you?”

Made it here. Tire’s holding up. Having a good time. 300 Valkyries all in one place…more on the way. Some of the finest people you could ever meet riding them in. Social when I need it, but in minutes I can be alone, speeding down the open road.


Out on the road again. I’ve needed this. I might come back.

Y’all be safe…or at least fun.

Daniel Meyer

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