Meet “The Angry Mountain”

This…is the Angry Mountain…

Angry Mountain

So…a grilled cheese sandwich (a GOOD grilled cheese sandwich), topped with a 1/2 pound hamburger, topped by onion straw fries, lettuce, and tomato, topped off by ANOTHER good grilled cheese sandwich.

The Angry Mountain put up a fight…but it really never had a chance.

*burp*…it was good.

This sandwich is genius!

(If it had bacon somewhere in it…it would have been pure genius)

Daniel Meyer

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3 Responses to Meet “The Angry Mountain”

  1. RaineWalker says:

    and where does one find such a mountain?

  2. Daniel Meyer says:

    Ah, this delicate, subtle mix of flavors is available at Toonies Fish and Steakhouse in Bellaire, Michigan.

    May go back today for something called the Mangy Dog (lunch), or perhaps their all-you-can-eat fish-fry tonight.

  3. omerta61 says:

    WHAT no BACON???? Can’t be good…. LOL Darn, I died a little just looking at this picture…. I would have eaten the grilled cheese sandwiches (can I get some tomato soup here?) and the steak frieze (where is the mayo??) U can haz dead moo 🙂

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