Y’all might have noticed the new theme on the blog…I’ll customize it a bit more later…had problems with the old blog install/theme. It apparently got compromised several versions of wordpress ago…but wasn’t hacked at that time.

Then, last week, I got a spam injection. Sounds good, if you like the canned meat stuff…but since I don’t, and I don’t like the spam-spam either…it’s bad.

*queue the monty python music*
“Spam spam spam spam…spam spam spam spam” (etc)

Basically, the old version had a bug that allowed a hacker to insert malicious code to manipulate the site. They did, but never used it. The update to current wordpress version closed the bug/hole but didn’t kill their inserted code…

So last week the hackers triggered the code…which inserted a bunch of hidden links in my post pages and the front page of my website. Users couldn’t see them, but google could, which I guess is the point. The hacker was trying to get his page rankings up.

Thanks to an alert reader I was notified of the problem.

Anyway, I cleared the problem and it came back last night, so I took some time to research the problem further and discoverd I needed to hunt down…and kill…the inserted code.

Done-did…or something like that. That should do the job.

If not, my next step is to totally kill the blog installation and redo it from scratch. That, unfortunately, may delete my users accounts.

I hope to avoid that step.

I guess I’ll know for sure in a couple days!

Daniel Meyer

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