Are you listening?

They really do talk…if you take the time to listen…and believe.

On my commute home…northbound on US75. Traffic was heavy, very heavy…and getting worse the direction I was headed.

Up ahead I could see the eastbound ramp to I635 was clear though…that would work. I’ve been here all my life…I know every shortcut. It was time to bail on this road.

This interchange is massive…some of the bridges 150 feet in the air and heavily banked. The downgrades are unusually steep as well.

Yeah, so they are usually fun. When I hit it at night, I consider this billion dollar structure to be my personal, motorcycle, jungle gym.

I headed for the right lane, cleared the traffic, hit the steep, curving, uphill ramp, and twisted the throttle to its stop.

Full power on a Valkyrie is an absolutely awesome thing. She hooked up, dug in, and flew.

But she took that moment to speak as well.

“Uh, boss?”
“Yeah, I felt it.”
“I think it’s pretty serious.”
It was. I already knew the problem. “We gonna make it home?”
She actually laughed at me. “Oh please. When have I ever let you down?”

She has a point. In 140,000 miles, as long as I’ve kept her in fuel and tires, she’s gotten me unfailingly to my destination. Besides…in Dallas traffic…if it will roll, you keep it rolling. Lives can depend on it and abandoned vehicles stand no chance at all. The animals will tear them apart.

We are a team…she and I.

Home safe. I parked her in the garage. She’s down. She’ll get me home as long as I do my part…but my part also includes knowing when she’s had enough.

“I guess I’ve been pushing you pretty hard lately.”

She snorts. “Lately?”

Heh…she has another point. My philosophy on machines (and indeed, on most things in life) is to, “Ride ’em hard. Fix ’em when they break.”

Anything else is a waste of potential.

I won’t be able to work on her today…or tomorrow. My job…and other aspects of life intrude.

“I don’t like this boss.”
“I know babe.”
As the door rolls down she asks plaintively, “You will fix me, right?”
It was my turn to laugh. “Oh please. When have I ever let you down?”
She sounds better. “Ah. Good. It’s just that…well…I simply need to fly! It’s what I was made for!”
“I know babe. Me too.”

I’ll have to take the cage into work tomorrow. “Big Iron”, 450 hp v-10 Dodge, patiently waits in the drive. I’ll need to put on the new license plates I picked up three months ago. They’re still sitting on my desk. Absently I wonder where I left the keys to that thing.

Maybe she’ll even start.

Some parts are on order. Others I have on hand. Some surgery involved…wondering if I should take the excuse to do some modifications. The Valk’s personality…her soul, peers through a mostly stock exterior. Me, I know what’s inside. I wonder if it’s time to show it to everybody else.

Heh…like I need another project.

Pics…of the problem and fix…coming later.

They’ll talk. It can save your butt.

Are you listening?

Daniel Meyer

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  1. Krashdragon says:

    Sorry to hear about the hack.
    I just started a WP blog, but nothing much there yet…
    It should be warm enuf to dry off good.
    Ran up to Okmulee last weekend to visit a friend.
    Dropped the danged bike pulling into the gravel driveway. It was hot.
    Make sure all the right parts are working properly. The Dragon parts, that is!
    Stay cool.

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