20. Better than 200.

Got back from my Goodyear dealer…

Turns out I didn’t shred the belt…a surprise to me given the size and bluntness of the pin I picked up on the Oklahoma turnpike. <-click for da blog entry Metal pin...thingy

Big metal pin thingy...

Y’all might recall I string-plugged it (somebody forgot his mushroom plugs) with what had to be 8 year old sticky string plugs left over under my seat. That kept me from having to hoof it down the Oklahoma turnpike and then carried me the rest of the way to Michigan and back.

My philosophy on tire repairs…vulcanizing mushroom plugs on the road (or whatever it takes), and if the tire tread is any good, once home from the trip I pull them and patch from the inside. Heh…should have done it over a week ago…but I’ve been busy. I’ve just been keeping an eye on the pressure…or was till I tore up a u-joint a few days ago (143,000-some miles) slamming the big machine through Dallas traffic. Of course there’s a blog entry for that too.

Anyway, since the belts were intact, they put a stinger patch in it for me. Good as new!

$20 vs somewhere near $200.

Yeah, 20 is better than 200 sometimes!

I could have done it myself but my Goodyear guy will mount/dismount tires for me and it’s a friggen 100 degrees out there today.

U-joint’s now replaced as well.

I do believe it’s time for me to fly!

Daniel Meyer

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