Beware…Yet another scam…

We used to order flea stuff, and as a result were signed up for “Complete Savings”…an outfit that charges you $12/mo to send you an email with coupon codes.

We never gave that outfit our credit card number, they got it from PetCareRx. Apparently they do this with several companies…pizza hut and others.

They say we “knowingly” signed up…we did not. “Well, someone in your household did.”

No. We did not.

Just so I’m clear…No…we did not knowingly sign up for anything and did not authorize this company to charge us anything.

We used a coupon on the PetCareRx site and that apparently signed us up. Others have been signed up by taking a survey. Some are reporting being signed up just for making a purchase on some sites.

We didn’t notice the emails because they look like spam and were from a company we’d never heard of so they got deleted. We didn’t notice the charges because we both use the card and they aren’t very much…when we finally did and I called them they refunded 4 months but are making getting the rest difficult. They are unapologetic. This is apparently our fault.

Anyway…scam scam scam. Any company that “tricks” you into signing up for their service is a bad, bad deal. They are apparently happy doing business this way and since they state it is legal, apparently our AG thinks so too as despite complaints, the practice continues.

I’ve notified that we feel that aligning themselves with such a company and providing said company with our information makes their site untrustworthy/dangerous and we won’t be using them again.

Buyer beware.

Daniel Meyer

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