Conservation. Yeah. That’s it. Sure.

So…we have “choice” in our electric plans here in Texas…what that means is they’ve introduced a whole bunch of useless people (called middlemen) to mark up and sell me power, even though they don’t generate it or operate the equipment/lines needed to get it to my house. They produce nothing. They DO nothing. But they get a cut. Legal parasites.

The pressure is on to conserve too. Make your home more efficient. Install CFL bulbs. Toss out the inlaws. Shoot out your neighbor’s lights…that kind of thing.

Anyway, my year-long contract with my carrier is up for renewal. No biggie, right?

Turns out I can’t renew my contract at the rate that my carrier is advertising for all other customers. They want to charge me over 10% more per kilowatt/hour than the advertised rate.


Because I don’t use enough power.

Congratulations! You’re saving energy! Here’s a 10% penalty for your efforts!

Conservation? My fuzzy butt. It’s about money. Always.

Daniel Meyer (who’s off to find yet another new middleman to sell me the same power on the same equipment for some random rate structure).

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