Tis the Season…

Sunday we drove “Crunchbird” (otherwise known as the Wife’s ride or ‘Da Altima) some 150 miles in fairly deep snow…

The Altima in the snow...

6-8 inches of snow in the center...dragging the bottom of the car

Yeah, I know my friends that live in the frigid northern wastes get more snow then we do…but then y’all have snowplows and such. There’s not a snowplow within 200 miles of here.

Certainly the snow was too deep for Crunchbird…probably 8-10″ at the deepest stretch…we dragged the center/bottom of the car for probably 100 miles of that. “Big Iron” would have been much more appropriate…

Anyway, Crunchbird did the job pretty well (I am long experienced in driving in this stuff). This morning, however, she wouldn’t start. Seems the winter (in the teens last-night) ate the battery.

Soooo…off to the auto parts store for a new one…grumping all the way about how they don’t make batteries like they used to…I mean, after-all, I just put that thing in…what…ur…FIVE years ago? Really? Already? Sheesh!

Never mind the grumping then. Five years is a great life for a battery in the extreme weather swings in Texas.

Besides the car obeyed two principles:

  • Never, ever strand me or the wife.
  • If you break down without plenty of notice, it damn well better be in the driveway.

Violating either of those principles is a death knell for any vehicle I use.

New battery for Crunchbird

New battery for Crunchbird

Out with the old, in with the new. Ten minutes of work (and $100 bucks later) and the wife was on her way.

Daniel Meyer

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