The King’s Speech

Weird work-week this week. Monday was a holiday, so of course I had to work anyway. I was supposed to work nights, but that turned out to be, “except for Monday”. A few hours in the afternoon was all I needed. I hope they don’t expect me to count that as a day off…

Anyway, all this worked out to make Monday a Movie night for me and the wife…we don’t do this often enough anymore…and it really is something we enjoy.

We joined some friends for dinner (Genghis Grill…yum!) and then headed to the movies.

The King’s Speech was on the agenda. Historical, and a first class cast…right up the wife’s alley. My tastes are generally…less sophisticated…but when we do have time for the movies, we see a wide range of genres just to keep us young.

The Kings Speech

The King's Speech

This is an absolutely gorgeous movie. Superbly cast…Colin Firth is totally believable both in the role and with the speech impediment, and of course Geoffrey Rush always delivers. The sets, costumes, and locations will absolutely blow you away. The quality of the production is amazing, and often, truly breathtaking.

Pretty good for a movie with no car chases, yes?

I enjoyed the film and it deserves the awards it is currently raking in.

I recommend you give it a whirl, and we will be adding it to our DVD collection.

The Kings Speech

The King's Speech

Daniel Meyer

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