Certified genius? Authentic wacko?

The actual quote is, “The architect is either a certified genius or an authentic wacko.” …that’s from Dan Aykroyd’s character in the 1984 movie Ghostbusters, but readily applies here (in a tongue-in-cheek-way).

Y’all might recall last summer when I blogged about this creation:

The Angry Mountain,Toonies Fish and Steakhouse in Bellaire, Michigan

The Angry Mountain, available at Toonies Fish and Steakhouse in Bellaire, Michigan

I believe I said, “This sandwich is genius!” and followed with, “If it had bacon somewhere in it…it would have been pure genius.”

Well, great news! Especially for you InZaners out there returning to Bellaire this summer…

I got this email last week from John Hanson, the owner of Toonies and the creator of “The Angry Mountain”.

As the creator of the angry mountain i would like to say thanks for
your blog post from last year. Looking forward to seeing you this
summer. You will be happy to know that the angry mountain has been
tweeked and is better than ever (yes we added bacon)
See you in July
John Hanson
owner, Toonies Fish & Steakhouse

This bears repeating… “yes we added bacon”


Note that John calls himself the creator of this dish…but having eaten one myself, I think “creator” is an understatement. “Architect” is much more appropriate.

So. Yes. The architect is either a certified genius or an authentic wacko.

Those of us that rode InZane last summer know that the folks of Bellaire were extremely hospitable and went out of their way to make sure we were welcomed and had a great time.

John has just provided one more example.

*checks heart, looks at sandwich, imagines adding bacon*

Or perhaps he’s just trying to kill as all (grins).

I’m looking forward to tackling the new version! Thanks for the mods John!

See y’all this summer.

Daniel Meyer

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