You want me to do what now?

Stuck in a ten-mile backup. Moving, barely.

Time to ditch the highway for the surface streets?

Hard to tell here…might work, might just cost you a couple hours.

There’s a network of million-dollar each highway alert signs, coupled to a network of traffic cameras, all controlled by a very expensive control center…that they are supposed to use to monitor the situation, dispatch help, and post notifications and instructions about traffic problems to help with the flow of things.


You know, helpful tidbits that can give us a bit of a clue…

Right lane? Left lane? Try to hit a different highway? Side streets or stick it out?

All that good stuff.

So, me, in the ten mile backup.

An alert sign coming up…I can almost read it. It should render helpful instructions for us hapless motorists, yes?

Finally in range…finally crept close enough to read the thing…and what does this wondrous expensive piece of technology tell me to do?




….aaaaannnd while all that sounds like it could make for an interesting evening…it’s not really particularly helpful now. Well, maybe. Drinking no doubt WOULD make the jam up more interesting…(notice, I didn’t say “better”)…and “TO JAIL” might just be the fastest way out of this mess…

Money well spent I suppose.

As useful as any I've seen...

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  1. jerwendt says:

    Only in California, one can split lanes.
    The drivers are usually very courteous.
    If they see you coming most will move over.
    At dead stop this is not difficult, even for
    BIG bikes……… This is the way we survive
    the California gridlock.

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