We are. We do.

We are builders. We are doers. It is in our nature to alter our environment and the world around us to suite ourselves. It defines us, it drives us, it sustains us. Architecture, agriculture, industry, medicine, art. We *are*.

Then the world shrugs and man and his works fall. Make no mistake…earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, fires…no matter how great or devastating they are to us, geologically and chronologically they are mere wiggles.

It is then left to us to fight to the last ounce of strength, and if overwhelmed, merely to survive. We will build again. We will create, we will come back…for that is our nature too.

Best wishes to those in the fight today.

Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan, wildfires in Texas, flooding in the northeast...lots of fight today.

Daniel Meyer

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