• Monthly synthetic hormone shots during pregnancy can reduce premature births by nearly 40% in women with a known history of premature births.
  • This hormone has been in use since the 1950’s and can be safely mixed by any compounding pharmacy and costs about $8 a month.
  • K-W Pharmaceutical, a St. Louis-based manufacturer, gets a pre-mixed version of the shot approved by the FDA, which now means the pharmacies are prohibited from making the shot any more.
  • Since they now have a federally enforced monopoly, K-W Pharmaceutical sets the price at $1500 per dose, or approximately $30,000 for the typical at-risk pregnancy.

Evil. Pure evil. Estimates are that this end-game around capitalism will suck 4.2 billion dollars a year out of the US health care system. For those of you keeping track, that’s OUR insurance premiums and taxes screaming as they are raped yet again.

And then there’s the ones that *should* get the shots, that won’t due to the cost…


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2 Responses to Evil.

  1. Tenerec says:

    Daniel, just so you know, it’s KV Pharmaceuticals, not KW.

    Thanks for letting us know about this. Makes me wonder how they think that they will get away with this…

  2. cruhnke says:

    They don’t just THINK they will get away with it, they WILL get away with it. It’s a federal mandate that the manufacturer with the equivalent of a patent can set their own price. What I don’t understand is how a manufacturer can take an publicly known formulation and get FDA approval for a private license. That’s like me taking a publication in the public domain and copyrighting it. Then charging (read: suing for big buckaroos) anyone who republishes it without my permission with copyright infringement.

    Hey Danny! I think we are in the wrong business.

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