Good gawd…*what* IS this stuff?

Well…it’s not food…

Often, a quesadilla, or even just a tortilla with a pinch of cheddar and mozzarella nuked in the microwave for a bit make a great snack or even a meal on the run.

Made one this afternoon…weird hours today made lunch kind of a bust…got home hungry. Nuked a tortilla with some cheese and took a bite.

Bleh. What the hell? How the hell can I screw up cheese and a tortilla nuked for a few seconds?

This … well … product … was in the cheese aisle at Kroger…with the cheese…cleverly disguised as cheese…

It even SAYS “mozzarella” on the label…just enough to fool the harried or distracted shopper to grab it instead of the actual FOOD that’s right next to it.

It’s got no flavor…the texture is…indescribable…maybe like gravy gone horribly wrong…and it’s got no food in it whatsoever.

The … stuff …
NOT cheese...front

I’m betting you DO NOT want to know what’s in this stuff…it is NOT food…
NOT cheese ingredients

It’s…well…nasty…not to put to fine a point on it. I couldn’t eat it. Wasted a perfectly good tortilla…which borders on a crime in a state like Texas with all the great tex-mex available.

It’s not even significantly cheaper than cheese…about $3 a pound instead of $4 for actual cheese. Gad.

I’m a bit miffed at Kroger…for even SELLING the stuff frankly…there is no redeeming aspect to this stuff…and more miffed for them marking it to confuse consumers and parking it in the midst of the real stuff.

Ah well. Back it goes. I’m afraid of throwing it away…I’ve seen waaay too many science-fiction movies. Throwing this away just invites an attack from the gelatinous blob substitute.

Watch your labels folks…they’ll try to get you to eat ANYTHING.

Daniel Meyer

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