Life, living, nightmares, reality.

Late night calls to fix problems at work, along with some general dissatisfaction with “things” and probably combined with the VERY good pizza we had for dinner last night can result in…well…interesting dreams.

In the dream all that existed was a keyboard and a putty session. This can be somewhat annoying if you like GUI’s and efficient UI’s.

I’m afraid my geek side is showing.

root@dmeyercore# pwd
> /Not/where/you/want/to/be

root@dmeyercore# echo $PATH
> /Not/where/you/want/to/go

root@dmeyercore# who am i
> if you don’t know I can’t tell you

root@dmeyercore# /usr/soul/WTF/diagnostics
> diagnostics: passion is not running
> diagnostics: zombie/defunct processes found: joy, drive, vision, dreams, creativity
> diagnostics: runaway/orphan processes found: doubt, pain, worry, bullshit, complacency
> diagnostics: system resources at 100% usage
> diagnostics: top 5 processes are /usr/bullshit

root@dmeyercore# /usr/soul/required/joy -restart
> joy: process failed to bind
> joy: required process “passion” missing
> joy: Process terminated

root@dmeyercore# /usr/soul/required/passion -start
> passion: process passion failed to start
> passion: application not supported by current OS

root@dmeyercore# uname -a
> uname: LifeOS dmeyercore Surviving 17374.13.24.06 male basic
> uname: Pussy
> uname: Yeah you. Pussy. Easier ain’t it?
> uname: Surviving’s for Pussies. Living is for Men
> uname: apply lifeisforliving patch to enable passion (if you dare)
> uname: Pussy.

root@dmeyercore# patchadd -d -u /patches/lifeisforliving
> patchadd: Insufficient system resources.
> patchadd: Cannot delete /usr/bullshit directory
> patchadd: return code 5
> patchadd: patch failed
> patchadd: You thought it would be that easy?

root@dmeyercore# ls /usr/bullshit
> ls: too many items

root@dmeyercore# rm /usr/bullshit
> rm: /usr/bullshit is a directory

root@dmeyercore# rmdir /usr/bullshit
> rmdir: Directory is not empty

root@dmeyercore# rm /usr/bullshit/*
> rm: too many items
> rm: Dude, you’ve got serious issues.

root@dmeyercore# rm -R /usr/bullshit
> rm: Are you sure? There ain’t no going back from that (y/n)

root@dmeyercore# y


root@dmeyercore# patchadd -d -u /patches/lifeisforliving
> patchadd: This will update core OS to *Living* and is not reversible (y/n/fuckyes)

root@dmeyercore# fuckyes
> patchadd: Say it like you mean it

root@dmeyercore# Fuck. Yes.
> patchadd: patch unpacking
> patchadd: /usr/bullshit is at an acceptable level
> patchadd: installing lifeisforliving
> patchadd: next step will remove “Surviving” core files (y/n)

root@dmeyercore# Do it.
> patchadd: Good man.
> patchadd: “Surviving” removed. “Living” installed.
> patchadd: rebooting

> System is going down on a signal 6


I guess we’ll see if I come back up…

A friend (thanks Ron!) reminds me that “As usual, there is a Rush song for that…”

Rush–The Enemy Within

Things crawl in the darkness
That imagination spins
Needles at your nerve ends
Crawl like spiders on your skin

Pounding in your temples
And a surge of adrenaline
Every muscle tense to fence the enemy within

I’m not giving in to security under pressure
I’m not missing out on the promise of adventure
I’m not giving up on implausible dreams
Experience to extremes
Experience to extremes…

Suspicious-looking stranger
Flashes you a dangerous grin
Shadows across your window…
Was it only trees in the wind?

Every breath a static charge,
A tongue that tastes like tin
Steely-eyed outside to hide the enemy within

To you, is it movement or is it action?
Is it contact or just reaction?
And you…revolution or just resistance?
Is it living, or just existence?
Yeah, you! it takes a little more persistence
To get up and go the distance

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