Must be that time…

I am, of course, headed to the national Valkyrie Rally Inzane July 27-31 in Bellaire, Michigan.


Y’all come on out, even if you don’t ride a Valk. Once again I’ll be doing the tech sessions, teaching folks about the foibles of these machines, socializing with some of the finest people on the planet, and dispensing my own particular brand of BS.

I just *know* you’ll want to be there for the Saturday tech session just to watch some biker-guy (me) rip his bike half-in-two when he’s more than a thousand miles from home. Seems I really like exploring the nether regions of the Fat Lady and there’s a lot about her rear end that you need to know.

Always a good time…and there will even be a sandwich named after me at Toonies! They added bacon!

now...the Daniel Meyer

Daniel Meyer

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