Just in case…

Just in case you think it wasn’t hot yesterday…or the stats interest you…

Black shirt.
Black pants.
Black boots.
Black gloves.
Black helmet.
Black bike.
Black tank-bag.
Black seat.
Black pack (T-bag).

Ideal gear for record high temperatures and/or a night run, yes?

Yeah, not always the smartest guy…but what I have is what I have.

1280 miles
22 hours
11 gas stops.
2 nighttime “Where the *hell* is the next fuel stop” map perusing stops.
2 (two!) nighttime “wipe the blood and animal parts off the Valk and check for damage” stops. (included in this was a “WTF am I doing out here” moment.
1 “My butt won’t take this anymore and my leg is cramped up” stop.
46 gallons of fuel (that Valk is a thirsty beasty)
7 liters of water (I am a thirsty beasty)
4-20 oz diet Cokes.
2-24 oz diet “green tea” with citrus
1-16 oz apple juice
1 McDonalds Mango/Pineapple smoothie
1 McDonalds cheeseburger/fries
2 Taco Bell tacos
1 Taco Bell nachos
5 refills diet Mtn Dew (at the taco Bell)
2 (two!) sets of tits flashed at me from random cars. Just in case there is any doubt out there…I generally *highly* support this practice.
98 degrees at 2:10am in Sherman, Texas.

60mph average speed, not bad considering all the stops, all the time spent drinking the fluids, and the vast amounts of time wasted hung up in the MASSIVE traffic jams on I-55 north of St. Louis (WTF people, it’s supposed to be an I-state!)

I’m thinking I need a GPS…can’t read the maps in motion anymore, particularly at night…and that “where the *hell* is the next fuel” button would come in handy.

More to tell.

And I’m ready for another ride!


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4 Responses to Just in case…

  1. ArTeePee says:

    Great ride Daniel!
    So where are the pictures of the flashers then? 😉

    • Daniel Meyer says:

      Heh…never any time to get a camera out/ready for those kind of pics. That would mean stopping and getting acquainted with the owners of said “interesting bits”…and that could be problematic 🙂


  2. dubsider says:

    27.8 mpg… some may say “dang !!!” but it is much better than driving a minivan.. ride safe.
    (I would never go on a trip without my GPS) ..

    • Daniel Meyer says:

      Heh…yeah. Didn’t buy that massive engine beasty for the mileage. High-speed and heat take their toll. I usually bank on 30mpg the way I ride. Some get substantially better…but I like to twist that throttle too much!

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