Over 3000 miles of riding in the last week. Wrenching, close encounters with wildlife (I mean *really* close…as in “splat”), crippling heat, sunburn, 22 hours on a bike with minimal breaks, sore butt, blurry eyes, cramped muscles and still…


Shooting for 109 degrees today. Killer heat. I’m peeling like a snake from several severe sunburned areas (so much for the “on-sale” sunscreen). My legs and back are still sore from the marathon run. I’ve not had enough time to fully recover.


Basically, I’m fried. And today I had to work. I own cages. They have air-conditioners. It was near 100 when I left for work and climbing fast. The commute home promises to be absolutely scorching.

And still…I stepped out in the garage, pushed the button to roll up the door and when the light hit the big cruiser…oh yeah….

It should have been enough. I should be sick of riding her. It wasn’t. I’m not. Sick? Maybe so…but not of riding.

At first glimpse of the big machine the heart quickened and the anticipation climbed. I guess passion is like that.

Yeah. We’re a road-weary pair. But we’re a pair.

It’s time to ride.

I’ll see you on the road.

Daniel Meyer

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