167,352 calories…

Soo…a little unfinished business from the Inzane run to Bellaire, Michigan…

Remember THIS entry about Toonies restaurant in Bellaire?

John Hanson, the owner (and certified genius or authentic wacko) had named a sandwich after me…the “Daniel Meyer/Angry Mountain”, after I blogged about it from the previous year.

Seems my friend and fellow VRCC’er T.P. set the whole thing up…pointing out the blog to John/etc…

Of course I had one while I was there again this time. Bacon added. Yum.

Anyway…got a message from T.P. recently

“HEY DANIEL !! I emailed John Hanson from Toonies and this came back today. T.P.”

TP, we sold 67 of the DM/AM while vrcc was here. In a normal week we usually only sell 6 to 10. Good luck and God Bless, John

The VRCC’ers managed to put 67 of those things away…or somewhere about 167,352 calories…enough to keep me going for a couple days or so!

Anyway, thanks T.P., and thanks John Hanson and the staff at Toonies. All the food there was excellent and the service was top-notch. They really knew how to take care of a bunch of hungry riders. Stop in and see ’em.

The Angry Mountain,Toonies Fish and Steakhouse in Bellaire, Michigan

The Angry Mountain, available at Toonies Fish and Steakhouse in Bellaire, Michigan

Daniel Meyer

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