I had occasion on the commute this morning to chop the throttle, yank the clutch, and coast for a bit.

Doesn’t happen often around here…a Dallas commute usually has me hard on the throttle, slamming on the binders, or sitting at a light.

I had just broken out of a pack of cars and ended up in an empty area on the freeway. Very shortly I could see cars ahead stacking up in a sea of brake-lights so I took her for a coast.

Quiet. No engine, no other cars, no brakes. Just wind and something else…something I don’t quite like…

Hey boss? ‘Pandora’ has been pretty quiet lately.
“Yeah, I hear it.” A grumbly “hiss” sound…like the steel wheels of an electric train hissing down the rails.

I know *that* sound.

“We’ve got a bad bearing babe.” Front for sure, probably left side based on the echo from the freeway canyon walls.

Sorry boss. She sounded plaintive.

I let her stew a bit, but am not disappointed. We’re over 150,000 hard miles on those bearings and she’ll get me home with no problem.

Got some service to do tonight though.

Pay attention and they’ll tell you what’s what.

Ride ’em hard. Fix ’em when they break.

I’ll see you on the road.

Daniel Meyer

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