Interlude (a wet one)…

In downtown Honey Grove late last night:

The state trooper pulled up in the street next to me and rolled down his window to yell.


I had run the bike a bit up a ramped sidewalk and partially under an awning to help shelter me from the storm. Shivering and soaked, I grimaced and huddled beside the bike and tried to make myself as small a target for the vicious hailstones as I could. They were getting bigger. That was the only reason for seeking shelter…I run *in* the rain, not *from* it…no matter how bad. The hail though…well, it pretty much sucks.

“WHAT!?” I replied in the same tone. Cop or no, I wasn’t in the mood for any bullshit tonight.

“Nobody rides in a storm like this!” He was still yelling…though now it was probably to be heard over the rumbling of the storm and flying water and ice.

“Except me.” I shouted back.

“What are you doing out here?”

I thought about that for a moment. Hell, I didn’t know. The last few hours were a blur. Storms and speed. Lightning and darkness. Hunting and hunted. I had no purpose except to challenge the storms…both the storms I was attempting to take momentary shelter from…and the storms in my soul…the ones I’ve never found a way to hide from.

It seemed they both were winning.

For lack of another answer I stated the obvious, “Riding!”


I gave as simple and honest answer as I was capable of at the moment.

“Horny! Wife’s out of town!”

Lightning hit close enough that the thunderclap stunned us for a moment.

After we could hear again he began rolling up his window as he pulled away yelling, “Well then. Carry on!”

A great ride…nobody died AND I can use the bike again…

Daniel Meyer

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  1. smokey2255 says:

    Some folks just don’t get the “why” …. there is no real explanation …just a need … want to get some crazy conversation going? Ride through the drive through on a rainy night and place your order, once you pull up and they realize what you’re on it gets interesting and fun …. just don’t forget to ask them to put your food in a plastic bag for ya 🙂

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