Kudos to where kudos are due…

I don’t often do this…I usually find large businesses to be so mis-managed and stuck on un-changeable procedures (rather than focused on results) that they are not worth dealing with. It has gotten so bad lately that it has become it’s own stereotype…

Occasionally there are exceptions…and as I will freely gripe about bad customer service…I think I must talk about good service as well…

An open letter to the Paris, Texas Walmart:

Outstanding service. Way above/beyond. Paris, Texas store, Sunday evening, 12/11/11, Tire/automotive section.

My Mom was visiting from out of town and we ran some errands in her car. Miles from home we found we had serious tire issues.

We limped in with two seriously bad tires (one shredding) literally 5 minutes before close of the auto section. The young man running the bays said, “Sure! Come on in! We’ll take care of it.” No grumbling. No griping. Genuinely interested in making sure we got what we needed.

He took ownership and followed through. They had to hunt down the tires (only two left, an odd size). They are also difficult to mount (wide/low profile performance tire) and they took care of that handily.

The other guy and lady running the inside tire/battery section were also as helpful and all of them were extremely competent. They made sure we got billed correctly, got the discounts/sales that were going on, etc. All of them were more interested in making sure we got what we needed than they were getting closed.

All went WAY overboard to make sure we got taken care of. All in all they were there well over an hour after closing taking care of my Mom’s car.

Seldom do you find that level of service anymore, especially at a large place. We’d have been in a situation without them. It is not the norm in my experience. The folks in your Paris, Texas automotive/tire section are outstanding.

Daniel Meyer
Author. Adventurer. Electrician.

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