Ride ’em hard…

Sooo…I dunno…a couple months ago or so I broke the kick stand spring bolt on my Valk…I hit some part or other flying off a couple cars that were enthusiastically wrecking out on NB 75…and I lost the spring as well as the broken bolt (typical)…got home with a bungee cord…

It’s the lowest point on the machine…breaking them is not uncommon…

Had a spare spring and bolt…replaced a couple days later.

Two weeks after that I hit a road gator and broke it again. Back to the bungee cord. Got the part (I was short a spring) and repaired the machine again Monday…and took it off again TODAY hitting of all things…a football! (came out of nowhere, ain’t goin anywhere ever again.)

So, to sum up, I’ve broken more of these things in the last 2000 miles than I have in 150,000 miles.

I’ll put another one on tomorrow (I ordered extras!)

Ride ’em hard. Fix ’em when they break

Ride it hard or take it on home.
Daniel Meyer

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