Liberty Sport Motorcycle Eyewear Review

If you follow my blogs/stories, y’all probably know by now I expect a lot out of my machine and my equipment. I frequently push my bike, my equipment, and myself to the limits. Over the years, distance and hard riding have taught me a lot about what works and what doesn’t. “Ride ’em hard, fix ’em when they break” is sort of a lifestyle for me…or perhaps a mantra.

Many years ago on a distance run out west I ended up with welder’s burn from riding into the sun with cheap sunglasses. They were marked as UV rated, but actually were not. It was a painful experience and cost me a couple days stranded in a small town wondering if I was going to be able to ride anytime soon.

As a result, one of the things I’m picky about is eyewear.

A few weeks ago I started wearing a pair of Liberty Sport “Free Spirit” sunglasses. Liberty Sport makes premium eyewear designed to meet the needs of specific sports. They have a large assortment designed for the motorcycle rider.

These are great sunglasses. The frames are comfortable and also very robust, without being overly bulky. The nose bridge is soft and fits very well, keeping the glasses in place easily. Hinges seem strong, and the lenses are distortion free. They are ANSI rated.

This model has magnetic “eye cups”, an attachment that reduces wind and debris from getting around the glasses and into the eyes. They stay firmly in place and can be easily removed if desired for “non-riding” wear. The eye cups are remarkably effective at shielding the eyes from wind/etc without impairing peripheral vision. I typically wear a helmet, but rarely close the face shield. I’ve also been known to ride without, and the glasses worked perfectly.

The frame design provides good venting with or without the eyecups and I had NO issues with fogging.

The glasses came with a very nice semi-hard case and a strap. I didn’t need/use the strap as they stay in place even without the helmet.

You can get prescription lenses for these, and some models are available with built in reader lenses. I don’t need the prescription option (yet) but I definitely need the readers nowadays (for some reason I can’t read the maps in my tank bag anymore…can’t imagine why) and I hope to try a pair with the readers soon.

Short and sweet? I like ’em. Check ’em out

Daniel Meyer

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review, but was given the sunglasses to try.

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