Pro tip…

As a motorcyclist I am hyper-aware of road debris or obstructions in the road. Sadly, many cage drivers and indeed many riders are not, only seeing these kinds of things when it’s too late to do anything but hit them or swerve all over the road trying to miss them.

Rider Courtesy:
Point out road debris or obstructions/dangers to the cages or riders behind you.

I do this by extending my arm straight out to the side (gets attention) and then moving it down and pointing at the obstruction. If it’s safe for me to do so, I continue to point until I pass the problem.

Unintended Consequences:
After pointing out a road gator (truck tire tread) on the expressway to the rider some ways behind me, he turned out to be a motorcycle cop and pulled me over for “flipping him off”.

Pro Tip:
The proper response to this is probably NOT:

“No, *this*,” I point at the road, arm straight, “is pointing out road debris to the rider behind me.”

“*THIS*,” I bring the arm up, elbow bent, hand in front of my face, and extend my middle finger, “is flipping you off.”

Daniel Meyer (no tickets for me, but thinks it may have been worth a ticket to get a copy of the dashcam video)

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