Those Pop-tarts will kill you…

These were bought last week…we didn’t look at the date…new from the store, why would we?

Anyway, these things will kill you. I cannot begin to describe the absolutely disgusting taste when I bit into one this morning. I’ll try though…have you ever passed a trash truck on the highway in the hot summer? One that’s rancid and dripping “trash squeezings” all over the highway? Yeah, the pop-tart tasted something like that smell.

I have a strong stomach. I almost lost it.

Four year old pop-tarts.
Nearly four year old poptarts bought at the store last week.

Some things just do *NOT* get better with age. I believe I’m gonna have a word with our grocer…

Edit: Still trying to get the taste out of my mouth:

CUAgain (assuming I survive the day)
Daniel Meyer

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3 Responses to Those Pop-tarts will kill you…

  1. omerta61 says:

    OMG That is so gross *YUK*

  2. cruhnke says:

    Hey! If you die, can I have your bike????

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