Fun day…

Fun day at The Cupola today! Y’all should make it out sometime!

Valkyrie (and dog) at The Cupola

Valkyrie (and dog) at The Cupola

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2 Responses to Fun day…

  1. cruhnke says:

    We would have stopped in except:

    1. I was worried about the weather. Yeah, I know the worst was predicted for early Sunday morning; but, do you trust Texas meteorologists?
    2. I was worried you might be working on your taxes.
    3. But I was most worried that you had finished your taxes and were ready to discuss all the things wrong with government interference with small business and middle class working folk…

    • Daniel Meyer says:

      Hey Chris, what’s shaking!

      1. The worst was Sunday for sure. Rode over 100 miles in it (Hey! Free bike wash!)
      2. I was finishing up the sales taxes for this quarter!
      3. Heh…no real point in that anymore. Middle class working folk have lost the battle. Just roll over and write the checks. (you know I pay personal property tax on INVENTORY!!)

      Stop in any time!


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