“Perhaps they ought to be left there like roadkill.”

Ride a motorcycle? Don’t bundle up like the Michelin Man? Fly small planes? Go out in boats? Hang glide? Parachute? Drive anything smaller than a Peterbilt?

Do anything but work and maintain your suburban oasis and this is, increasingly, the attitude you face.

The government should regulate the crap out of everything, and woe be unto you if you resist…

Sad thing is, regulators are regulating just to make a name for themselves…they are targeting easy, small groups that can’t resist and then claiming they are helping.

As a motorcyclist that rides nearly every day, death by motorcycle accident isn’t even in the top ten likely causes of death for me.

Riding without a helmet doesn’t change its position in the list either.

May have to change my road name to “Roadkill”.

Daniel Meyer

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