What…exactly…is the protocol?

A thousand pounds of man and machine, blasting through the Texas heat, burning up miles, road, and rider. Not comfortable. Not at all. Picture climbing into your attic on a hot summer’s day and trying to cool yourself off using a hair dryer set on “hot”.

But I had places to be and I ride because it’s my choice…the experience…the sanity…is worth the discomfort.

But even I need a break now and then. It’s over 100 degrees on this ride, despite the approaching night.

I hit a gas station, topped off the tank, changed from my “Chronicles of Riddik” shade of dark glasses to some clear ones for night riding, and then stepped inside and grabbed a Coke.

So, as I’m standing there, in the blessed, blessed air-conditioning, drinking my drink and looking out the window at my ride, a nicely dressed black woman walking from her car (at the gas pump) to the station, pauses beside my bike and spits in my helmet, which was hanging from the throttle/handlebar.

No doubt. I had a clear view of it, saw her do it, and the spittle was in my helmet.

So, what’s the protocol here? What do you do?

I’m not satisfied with how I handled it…I’ll tell you what I did later…I want to hear from you.

What do, you do?

Daniel Meyer

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3 Responses to What…exactly…is the protocol?

  1. Biker Cowboy says:

    Oh Lordy… sitting here, quiet at my computer it is easy for me to think I’d wait quietly for her to enter the store, and hope there were a number of other Patrons; At which time I’d ask her in a calm voice, loud enough for all to hear; “Please tell me. Since I don’t know you and have never seen you before… What could have possibly possessed you to spit in my helmet? You disgust me!”

    … and then stand staring quietly, waiting for the answer.

    In reality… I’m thinking I’d react with a lil’ less… um … control.

    • kd4aju says:

      I know I would have reacted poorly. Being that hot I doubt I would have to pee, but if I did, I’d pee in her car. If I didn’t because of the heat it would have started with “What the @#$% do you think you’re doing ?!?!?” and went down hill from there…

  2. Chuck says:

    Astonishment…anger, flashing to rage…repress violence as a response (hey, it’s a woman)…seek rationalization with a controlled (barely) inquiry. Subsequent action depending on her response – if a case of mistaken identity with apology, get over it and move on. If she clearly stated that I had done something to upset her back up the road apiece (yes, we do unwittingly scare people sometimes while enjoying our performance advantage) then an exchange of apologies with an admonishment for her childish behavior would suffice.
    If her reply is hostile verifying irrational, unprovoked evil intent…clean out helmet with a large ragged piece of her dress.

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