I tend to view the world…relationships, structures, companies, roads, bridges, dreams…everything really, in the terms of the human effort that went into making it a reality.

The destruction of an old building for instance, that has no current perceived value, greatly disturbs me. See, I understand at a very literal level the work, effort, dreams, and life that it took to produce it in the first place. I can see, quite readily, the past and potential future value of it, and THAT is what is lost in its destruction.

That same view colors my perception of friendships, relationships, machines, companies etc. We build it, and it has value directly tied to the imagination and effort of the builders. That should not diminish over time. To see things rendered “worthless” due to economic machinations, corruption, politics, religion, etc is, to me, fundamentally depressing.

This view…this perception…is the curse of the builder.

Below from an older post of mine:

When it breaks, I fix it
When it falls, I pick it up
When it threatens, I subdue it
When it persists, I kill it

That is my creed, my mantra, my doctrine
Not really a choice, parts of me just are

I am a mover. A doer. A builder. A fixer.
There is little beyond my reach.


So much of the world today sees only the actual current value of any given item or relationship…what it is worth NOW, rather then the effort that went into its conception and construction, or its potential usefulness if only the right situation existed.

That is a fundamentally selfish view. “What can it do for me NOW?” tends to be the mantra and leads to the destruction of otherwise solid companies, buildings, machines, and even people and relationships.

Or even entire cities

To see so little value assigned to great efforts of human achievement deeply saddens me. I try to change things…in my own little segment of the world…fixing, building, living…but I shudder to think of the loss of “value” for the things I care about…when I’m no longer around to care about them.

Look at the world with open eyes…discover the value of what we build. Preserve it. Re-purpose it. Add content. Be a participant, not just a consumer.

Daniel Meyer

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