It’s a balmy, if a bit chilly night…and I’m finally wrapping up work. Sort of. That’s the problem with being self-motivated and salaried in an industry that never stops. There’s always something.

I’m in a bleak mood. The loss of many in the news today brings my own pains and past losses sharply into focus…and for that I feel guilty. My pains are old. I’m still here. Their pains are fresh and they won’t be at all sure they will come out the other side.

They will. I’ve made the journey myself…but there’s no way to tell them that. It would sound trite anyway.

Trapped in its very heart, it’s nearly 30 miles for me to just to get out of the metroplex, and that’s the short way…(nearly 90 the longest) but it seems a ride is in order. The big cruiser waits not so patiently just outside. I can hear her calling from here.


Soar with the dragons or succumb to the black dogs? Rejoice in life or fight the ghosts of the past? Two sides of the same coin I suspect.

I see…and hunt them both…except when they are hunting me.

I realize that it’s escape that I need.

“Boss!” she breaks my reverie.

“Yeah babe?”

Dragons or ghosts…it’s not always clear…but it is a choice.

“Boss…it’s time to fly.”

“Yeah babe, that it is.”

I’ll see you on the road.

Daniel Meyer

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