I thought my life was over…that summer day in 1982. Everything I owned…everything I had ever worked for…all of it…lost.

This was the scene when I got off work that day…the only thing I had left was the ink-stained shirt and jeans I was wearing.

Even my little 125 Yamaha street bike was lost…it was too close to the house and melted. That bike saw 150,000 miles and 42 states before I was 17, many of those miles were “unauthorized”.

When I look back…it’s amazing how we recover…how we can deal. How we are changed, forged really, and how we can choose whether that change is for the better or worse.

Folks often wonder why I believe that I can deal with absolutely anything that comes my way…it’s simple. I know I can, because I’ve done it already.

My cat survived BTW…as did my roommate, who was visiting his parents at the time.

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