Fear itself…

Splashing some fuel in the Valk this morning…5.4 gallons…gotta remember not to push it so far…she only holds 5.3 gallons of usable fuel…and she’ll burn through it fast in the full-throttle/full-brake balls-to-the-wall city riding mode.

Anyway, getting ready to pull out of the station, had to look “upstream” at the traffic…there was a young lady just finishing up her fueling…basically right in my line of vision.

Our eyes met…not just that, “Oh, yeah, she has eyes.” thing…but that “mirrors of the soul” kind of connection.

She looked startled…and I read her lips as she mouthed, “Oh shit!”. She then scrambled back into the car and tore out of the parking lot.

Strange that.

In her eyes I saw only fear…

Makes me wonder…just what it was that she saw in mine?

Daniel Meyer

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