Be the Batman…

Ran across an entry in my journal from last summer…guess I had not blogged it. Here ya go!

I hit a bat on my Valk last summer…I’ve hit them before, but never this bad.

I was moving 80+, he/she must have been going for all his bat speed in the opposite direction…sucked over the windshield and hit me right in the upper chest/lower neck. In/above/went down in the shirt-collar.

Bat was pulverized. Broke my skin in numerous places (even had to pull a couple bones out of my skin), plus I got to inhale blended bat squeezings mist cloud goodness.

If you were to stick a bat in a blender and serve it up as some sort of protein smoothie…well, I *know* what it tastes like. I do NOT recommend this as a flavor or as a deodorizer.

Had a hard time breathing for a while as the impact had my neck muscles spasm-ing, and yes, I had the “raspy” voice for several days.

I barely slowed down and just headed for the hospital. I was…once again, covered in blood, mine and the bat’s.

The nurse screamed when I said gruffly, “I am the Batman” and handed the smushed bat to her (she was wearing gloves). You’d think an ER nurse would expect that sort of thing.

I got a whole lot of attention, a good cleaning, a new sort of paper-like shirt (that shredded before I was 3 blocks down the street), and a whole bunch of shots, most of which I have no idea what they were. Frankly, I think they had some exotic stuff that was gonna go out of date and wanted a chance to use it.

I think I am the most rabies vaccinated man in the state at this point. This makes the third occasion in the last couple decades or so.

Daniel Meyer

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