…and I said…I’ll see you again…

Lady with her cell phone jammed in her ear changed lanes right on top of me on the commute in to work this morning. I was not in her blind spot…she made no effort to clear the lane at all…just came over, and fast.

High-speed…and 5+ lanes of wide open traffic.

I’m usually quite good at anticipating traffic conflicts, but sometimes there is just no reason for what they do. Occasionally there’s no where left to run either.

Hit the horns (4, 120db electrics) and grabbed the binders…full performance braking (if you don’t, you should practice this). Squalling tires right on the edge of lockup. That Valk rocks…very good braking and feedback…you don’t really want to lock either wheel at these speeds so precise control is required. You also need to continue piloting…

None of this phased her. She just kept coming.

I kept moving left and braking hard, inches away from her, and finally slowed enough to snick in behind her just before I would have hit the HOV divider…which at that point was an end-on concrete wall. Ugh.

Then off the brakes, down a gear, and goose the hell out of it so the dingleberry behind me that’s NOT paying to attention to what’s happening 100 feet in front of him and is coming up friggen fast doesn’t run me clean over.

Right AND left highway pegs were folded up after this…indicating light contact with the car and the wall…unless they’re just psychic.

A very near thing.

The offending car changed lanes and lost herself in the flow, leaving my lane wide open and me finally with the time to wonder why she did it in the first place.

Says something that it doesn’t even piss me off anymore. I’m not sure I want to think too much about just what it says…

They’re gonna kill me one day…but you know…I’m only a biker…

All I could think…when trying to bleed off the speed and praying she didn’t hit HER brakes (that would have been the end of me), was, “Man, what a pity all I did was give the wife a peck on the cheek in way of saying ‘CUAgain’ this morning.”

Ur…that may be paraphrasing. It really was an overwhelming regret.

It was probably more like, “Dammit! I should have gotten laid this morning!”

Well, what? I *am* a guy…and I wasn’t hungry.

Daniel Meyer

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