Little ride Saturday…headed south of Houston for the ‘Gathering of the Fools’ to see a bunch of my friends and for fantastic barbecue. Blustery and cool, but it was a hell of a ride both ways.

Surprise rainstorm around 11pm somewhere south of Fairfield chilled me pretty good…as usual I didn’t even slow down for raingear. Or anything else for that matter. Got an odd look from the State Trooper who was struggling along around 55mph in the downpour in the right hand lane when I blew by him throwing a rooster tail at 75mph (the limit) but he didn’t bother me despite the rebel yell I voiced as I roared by.

Gawd I love that Valk.

The rain was brief and I dried out quickly.

The bank, as usual, killed my card around the third gas stop. For some reason 3 small gas purchases in 24 hours freaks out their security system. I could buy $20,000 worth of stuff online without an issue but $50 worth of gas is a threat. I sure recognize the need for fraud protection but we (consumers) have to give serious thought to our situation when we may not be able to access our money on the whim of some undefined and not particularly accurate protocol. Fortunately, not my first rodeo.

Home around midnight. Just about 600 miles for the day. Not bad for a barbecue dinner.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll go for a ride.

Daniel Meyer

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