The law of conservation of mechanical maladies

I am about to test the “Law of conservation of mechanical maladies” to its most extreme limit. The law simply states that mechanical maladies cannot be created or destroyed…only moved from one place to another.

We’ve had a tough few years economically wise. Cutbacks at work, a flagging economy, some uninsured losses, and some vile/corrupt creditor/banking practices hit us pretty hard.

We’ve survived it without significant losses because we tend to prepare for a rainy day and keep things in top condition (even our old things). Thus, when difficulty strikes, maintenance and such can be deferred until better times.

Well…a new equilibrium has been established. Short of it is, I have a repair budget again. Although it’s not as large as I’d like, I have the tools and skills to get a LOT of “bang for my buck”.

So yep, I’m in the throes of fixing LOTS of stuff.

I apologize in advance if your cars/trucks/bikes/buildings start falling apart. I’ve been hording mechanical maladies and they’ve got to go somewhere…

So…Step the first:

Put all this stuff…in there.

Crunchbird Parts

Crunchbird gets some much needed suspension repair/upgrades.

Crunchbird (daAltima), being 12 years old and sporting well over 100,000 miles now, needs some significant suspension repair and upgrade.

Included here:
New inner tie-rod ends
New outer tie-rod ends
New rear shocks
New struts/springs/bearings (Strut-pack)
New steering stabilizer
(and there’s a couple new o2 sensors as well)

After I shove all that stuff in there we’ll add a four-wheel alignment and a couple new tires. It should be good to go after that.

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