I am what I am…


I’ve said it before…

Everything I do, have done, or will do can ultimately be traced back to three questions:

1) What’s for breakfast?
2) When am I gettin’ laid?
3) Is there something around here I can friggen fix? (build/destroy/fly/ride/race/crash)

This is not listed in order of importance. Any day I don’t accomplish all three is an abject failure.

And if I can somehow combine two, or better, all three into one event, preferably in some previously untried combination, well…nirvana!

The fallacy (phallus-y LOL!) out there is that somehow, as a man, I am unaware of this drive, and that it needs to be changed, and that I am even the slightest bit interested in changing it.

I am what I am. Be what you are.

Now, if you’ll excuse me…there’s bacon to cook! …and (snnniiiifffff)…mmmm…a wife somewhere abouts….

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