Change the shock oil…

They’ll tell ya…if you’re listening.

You may not like what they have to say though…

“Hey Boss!”
“Yeah Babe?”
“Time to get out your wallet.”
“NOT a good time Babe.”
“Is it ever?”
“Thought not.”

A little known and very expensive maintenance project that needs to be done on high mileage motorcycles is to change the shock oil.

Yep. The shock oil.

Step one: Drain it all out…

Blown Progressive Shock

No oil left in this one…thus…no dampening.

That shock is pretty much a spring with a metal stick in it now…there is no dampening left.

So, I accomplished step one. Drain the oil out. Took quite a few miles of hard riding to do it.
Step 2 will be to spend a bunch of money on new shocks, or see if Progressive will fix this set (again). Supposedly a lifetime warranty but they gave me a good hassling on the last time before they finally issued and RA, then they took 8 weeks to return them and tried to bill me anyway.

Ah well. Don’t make ’em like they used to I guess. This is the third set…in only 175,000 miles or so…

Daniel Meyer

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