With great power comes great responsibility…

braSooo…we ended up with an extra vehicle at the Old Vic…what with all the road trips and commutes and moving random things and carloads of pets all about…

Simple solution…I ride my motorcycle back to the suburban “blah” house and the wife takes her car (aka “Crunchbird”).

The wife tells me later, “My bra blew out while I was driving!” (the catch gave way). “I almost ran off the road! You’ve no idea how distracting that is!”

My comeback, a wink and, “I did that with my mind. It’s like a superpower.”

It’s good to know that after all these years I can still make her laugh.

I don’t think she really believed me though…I can’t imagine why…getting her out of those things is one of my life’s primary preoccupations…

But her not believing is a good thing too. Any superpower is most effective if folks don’t know about it.

Daniel Meyer

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