Glitched the Matrix…

Fuel Alarm, set at 130 miles.

Not an unusual sight on this machine.

So…on the commute in today, accelerating HARD up the ramp to the super-speedway (US 75), the GPS popped a low fuel message. This, in itself, is not unusual. I convert a LOT of gojuice to just plain “GO” with this machine, but this time, it was different.

The alert is based on miles traveled…and I had recently fueled the big cruiser…as few as 80 miles ago. Weird.

I ran the Valk through the gears, exceeding highway speeds something like 20 feet up the ramp, and then merged with traffic, caught the left lane, and settled in at a nice, conservative, Warp 4 or so for the short run downtown. The lightboard on the highway was declaring the run to RL Thorton would take 12 minutes. I was betting I could make it in 6.

Hmmm. A rare day. Heck, I was already a mile down the freeway and nobody was trying to kill me yet. Cool…and almost boring at the same time. Having a few spare processing cycles available until some motorist declares Jihad against me and all my kind I took a second to hit the “stats” screen on the GPS just to see how far it thought I had traveled since I reset the counter at my last fuel stop. The odometer on the bike was agreeing with the one in my head and telling me I still had plenty of range (at least 50 miles yet), but it always pays to check.

Fuel management is critical when you pilot a machine that has 6 carburetors and a fuel line as big around as my thumb.

A glitch in the matrix, or 3800 miles up the entrance ramp.

A glitch in the matrix, or 3800 miles up the entrance ramp.

I blinked. That was some HARD acceleration up the ramp I guess. According to the fuel odometer stats I had traveled 3945 miles…all but about 80 miles of it had to have been on the ramp.

A glitch. In the Matrix. Yep. That explains it.

Universe altering paradoxes also explains the light traffic and generally well-behaved drivers I encountered all the rest of the morning too. There certainly can’t be any other explanation for that.

It has left me with a vague feeling that something is just…”off”.

It’s an interesting day when I can’t feel comfortable until somebody tries to kill me in some bizarrely creative and vehicularly violent way.

So, if your day is a tad…off, blame me. I’m apparently about 3800 miles “off”. That can’t be good for the universe.

That 3800 miles? Apparently I misplaced it. Sorry about that. I’ll go and try to find it this afternoon.

Daniel Meyer

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