I blew past the small town deep in the Texas night. The highway sign said the next stop was over 20 miles ahead.

She chose that moment to speak up.

Hey boss.

Truth was, the big cruiser had been talking to me for a while…I just hadn’t been listening.

“Yeah Babe?”
Kind of pushing it on fuel, yes?
“A little. But if we make the next town, we’ll have enough to get us home. Saves a stop.”
Uh huh.
“That tailwind has helped, and it’s cooler. We’ll make it.”
What makes you think that?
“I haven’t switched to reserve yet.”
That assumes you switched OFF reserve at the last fuel stop, yes?

NOW I was listening…and she was running lean.

I reached down and felt the shaped fuel valve, already knowing the answer…I’d been pushing it…right to the edge…all day. Wrapped up in the night and the long ride, I’d forgotten to switch off reserve after the last stop. An amateur mistake.

Told ya boss.

There’s not much more of a sinking feeling…

She might have 5 miles left in her.

I chopped the throttle and hit the next exit. Round and round and back again…easy on the throttle.

I got lucky and coasted to the pump.


“Thanks Babe.”

They’re talking. Are you listening?


Daniel Meyer

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