A little hard work never hurt anybody.

But a lot will kill you…as will ignoring the other needs of the id.

But society expects…requires…certain things.

Lobsters…pulling everybody back into the same tank.

Artist. “But what do you DO?”
Writer. “How can you earn a living?”
Rider. “What if you hurt yourself and can’t work?”
Man. “Misogynist.”
Husband. “How will you support her?”
Father. “Obligations, but no rights.”
Lover. “Oppressor.”
Protector. “Archaic.”
Small businessman. “Do you pay enough taxes?”
Tired. “Lazy.”
66 hour week. “You should help her with the housework.”
Successful. “Greedy.”
Sick. “Lost productivity.”
Temporary escape. “You don’t appreciate how good you have it.”
Soul deadening career in cubeland. “You’re a good man.”
Dies early. “He cared so much for her.”


The mold is not easy to break.

Daniel Meyer

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