They know what they want…

I stopped by the CVS store on my way home from work a few days ago…I needed to pick up a shit-ton (that’s a metric ass-load) of candy, pencils, paper, cards, flashlights/batteries, snacks, and the like to fill out a package of books I was sending to an APO box.

Yanno…there was space in the box. Filler…packing material…as it were…

Anyway, I was out of the store…trying to cram all this junk into the duffel bag on the back seat of The Dragon, when a mini-van pulls up.

“Soccer mom” gets out, opens the side door, and unloads her young daughter from the car seat. Cute little brown-haired girl, eyes and facial features marking her as very obviously her mother’s daughter…maybe 5ish years old? Small enough to still hold/carry in a parking lot…but at that age where they are really starting to show their own personality and desires.

Mom is holding daughter in the crook of her arm while she gets her purse together and closes the van door.

Daughter leans WAY over toward me, flashes a huge smile, and says, “I wanna go with the man.”

I smile back and wave. She bounces up and down and waves back.

Mom studiously avoids my gaze and says, “We can’t go with him honey, why would you want to?”

Daughter sort of puts her hands on her hips (as much as she could while being held in the crook of Mom’s arm), purses her lips at Mom and says very matter-of-factly, “Come on Mom. HE has a MOTORCYCLE. We have a mini-van.”

Mom now met my gaze, shot me a VERY clear, “die in a fire” kind of look, turned and headed into the store.

Daughter watched me over Mom’s shoulder and shyly waved again. I grinned, and executed a European bow, complete with left hand behind my back, helmet (hat) held to my left side via my right hand, and bending quite low.

When I straightened up she blew me a kiss.

Twas a good day.

I’ll see you on the road.

Daniel Meyer

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