Oh…now I remember why…

‘Big Iron’ is one of the members of the Meyer fleet of ‘wheels on the ground’. It’s an aging (’97) Dodge pickup…with the 8-liter V-10 engine, long bed, and 4-wheel drive. When I first got her, I tweaked the chips and such…to “Viperize” the engine…pushing it to a verified 450hp and 500ft/pounds of torque…which, surprisingly gave me a 30% increase in gas mileage (up from 10mpg to 13mpg) using my customary driving habits.

Truth is, I don’t use her that much. I’ve even pondered selling her…I usually ride the Valk and we’ve other cages for those occasional bouts of bad weather…heck, we’ve even got ‘Little Rivet‘…the ‘bang around the Old Vic’ grumbly little six-banger Chevy S-10 if we needed to haul anything reasonable around.

So…sometimes I wonder why I still have ‘Big Iron’…

But then there’s today…an amazing thing happened (been rare in the last few months)…seems some universe level plumbing burst and we had water pouring from these cloud things in the sky!

Water! Lots of water! Lots of bad drivers too. Dallas traffic. Poor visibility. Flooded streets. Not an ideal environment for the Valk…

So…I dug around the cobwebs on my dresser…wrestled the keys to ‘Big Iron’ away from one particularly persistent dust bunny, and climbed into the big truck.

Huhm. She actually started. Pretty cool…since I haven’t touched her in months. We’ve an abusive relationship…’Big Iron’ and I. She patiently waits…and I use her for my own ends and pleasures when and if I’m ready to.

I really need to drive these cage thingys now and again…

Big Iron downtown this morning in a brief respite from the downpour. Note the "re-entry burns" on the hood! I DO fly...when I do fly!

Big Iron downtown this morning in a brief respite from the downpour. Note the “re-entry burns” on the hood! I DO fly…when I do fly!

So I get in ‘Big Iron’ and head downtown…head through the pouring rain and blowing winds…and I remember why I have her…

This truck is supremely competent at what she does. Smooth. Powerful. Handles like a dream…which is an accomplishment for a 8000 pound, high seated, 4×4 long bed truck. Outstanding visibility. Superb AC/heat/defrost. ‘flip-a-lever’ 4-wheel drive…with Dana 44 limited slip axles…and a transmission that actually understands what you mean when you push the gas to the floor on the mammoth engine.

Zoom zoom.

Add the capability to haul absolutely anything I can put in or hook on, superb brakes, “cross the country in a single run” comfortable interior, and of course…the 400 watt Pioneer Supertuner…and…well…yeah. I remember.

She’s aging…but I still love her…wrinkles and all.

If ya gotta drive a cage…it should be a fun one.

I’ll see you on the road.

Daniel Meyer

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