But I will have lived…

A long way down.The world is not all sweetness and nice. I know this. I’ve the scars…and the pain…and occasionally the nightmares to prove it.

But for the most part…it’s a choice…how to live this life.

Risk begets reward. Safety is an illusion…wrapped in death.

I work hard. A good deal of my life…and my health…has been sacrificed to the job.

I’m opinionated and unrestrained. That’s responsible for much of my success. It will no doubt cost me the same someday. People in power often don’t want to hear the answers to the questions they need to be asking.

My passions burn with an intensity I don’t care to moderate, and I liberally apply them to everything I do. It’s just possible there is a finite amount to go around. There wouldn’t be much of me left…were they to run out.

I dream…and create…and build…and I do it large. Perhaps…just beyond my mastery. At the edge of my reach.

I ride hard…*right* to the very edge. Occasionally beyond.

I’m not sure I believe in my own mortality. I expect if there’s anything left of me for a viewing, folks will be asking, “Why does he look so surprised?”

I KNOW my place in society…it’s over *there* somewhere and I’ve no interest in being tamped down into it. For those that insist, I say, quite plainly, “Piss off.”

I believe in what I can feel, and touch, and influence…and in the things that feel, and touch, and influence me. Those things are not all mundane. I am a man of science…and I believe in magic.

I have experienced incalculable good…and been burned to the core by unfathomable evil. I have met…up close and in person…the monsters under the bed. I still bear the scars.

I believe the only path to hell is in failing to attempt to live up to the amazing potential granted to you in this life.

I am humble before my creator…and absolutely nothing else.

My beliefs do not require your approval, understanding, or acknowledgement.

I love my woman without bounds…to a level I doubt even *she* understands…and hold nothing of myself in reserve.

Lofty. Confident. Arrogant.


“You risk much,” many point out, “you will fail.” Lobsters in a tank. Dragging the others back down to the base level. What they fail to understand…is that I risk no more than they do.

But yah…I’m “up there”. There is no net…and I used the safety rope to climb even higher…and much of my strength/reserves to bring others up here with me.

So when I fall…it will be hard.

It will be a long way down…and there may be nothing left at the bottom.

But I will have lived.

I’ll see you on the road.

Daniel Meyer

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  1. Biker Cowboy says:

    I hear echoes in my own world. I can only aspire to the color that you give to the words. I don’t know if you realize it, or know it; I hope you do… your words speak to the thoughts many live with but cannot form into the words.

    The world is a better place fella… and that, is the true measure of success. Many Thanks

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