Not today Boss…

The stance of the big bike told me all I needed to know even before the garage door finished rolling up.

It was like walking in on a lover in a state of undress, startled and trying to cover herself even though you’ve seen it all countless times before.

Sorry boss. Not today. She was embarrassed, with no real reason to be.
“I see Babe. It happens. No worries. Let’s check it out.”

Short minutes later the verdict was in. The cruiser was down for the count…or at least for today. The front tire was flat and wouldn’t hold air…a major bead leak. Not sure why…I don’t think I hit anything yesterday. At least, anything significant. We’ve had a massive temperature change…but normally that should not be an issue. The tire may be defective. It’ll take a dismount to determine the issue.

I’ve let you down Boss. Heartbroken.
“If we leave, you get me home. Ya got me home yesterday. That’s all I ever ask.”

It is all I ever ask of my machines…and believe me…given the challenges inherent in a rider’s soul…that is plenty

Time was up. I could deal with the problem, but not now. I can fix pretty much anything if I have a q-tip, a glass of iced-tea, and a fistful of cash…but I had to head to work. She would not be able to accompany me, as is customary, on our screaming run through the big city.

As I stepped out of the garage and climbed in the cab of “Big Iron“…the aged V-10 Dodge pickup and my steed for the day…I thumbed the remote and the big garage door began to roll down, casting her into darkness.

Her stance…the way she was sitting due to the flat front tire, simply screamed dejection.

Sorry Boss.
“Don’t worry Babe. I promise I’ll take care of it later.”

I’ll see you on the road…but today, I’ll have an extra couple of wheels.

Daniel Meyer

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