2014 Valkyrie. That is all.

Honda has re-created the Valkyrie for 2014. She’s been out of production since 2003, so updates were inevitable…and desired.

Gold wing Chassis with tweaked rake and trail for handling, 1800-Fuel injected motor, upgraded brakes, couple hundred pounds lighter, no frame-fixed fairing/headlight. Etc…

This machine will kick ass…the current 1800 WING will out accelerate, out brake, gets better mileage, and will out handle the original Valk (the word is “spank”)…and to strip it down and rod it up a bit is exactly what they did with the 1500 and original Valk.

In my opinion (which is, as usual, controversial), the machine embodies the spirit of the Valkyrie. Bullet-proof reliability, amazing handling, and over the top power, smooth and torquey…ALL the way through the range. Can’t wait to ride one. Anybody got any contacts with Honda that can hook me up with an extended test ride? Surely a somewhat notorious Valk rider/author/adventurer preview/blog/review would be good for business?

I won’t buy in 2014…timing’s not right…but if I’m still working in 2015, I will have one. I already know what I want to do to tweak it…aftermarket or no.

But yes, for those wondering…my ’01 Dragon will remain in my hands.

So…2014 Valkyrie. Zoom fricken Zoom. That is all.

2014 Valkyrie

Zoom fricken zoom!

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