Confounding confluences

Sometime over the last few rides I managed to lose (or somebody nicked it) my license plate and inspection placard off the back of the Valkyrie. Annoying.

Headed to the tax office for a replacement tax stamp (license plate). Lady there said plate theft is really common on motorcycles…the plates are easy to get off and folks steal the inspection placard and perhaps use the plate for tolls on the fast growing toll road network around here.


Then I had to head for the motorcycle shop to grab a new inspection sticker placard…the little metal plate they actually put the sticker on.

Next, I’ll have to see about a “replacement” inspection sticker…I’m unsure if they do that or just charge me for an entire new inspection. They SHOULD issue a replacement at substantially reduced cost…it’s just another tax stamp and I’ve already paid it for the year…but I’ve never had to do that before so am unsure of the process. I’ll know tomorrow!

Now…the difficult part was…I got the replacement license plate as soon as the tax office opened…then headed to the Honda shop. They were “there” but not really “open”…getting the bikes out and such. They still had about 20 minutes before they could sell me my part.

Thus…I got to wander around for 20 minutes drooling on new motorcycles. They had THREE 2014 Valks in stock…I’ve been avoiding looking at them as I LOVE that motor (1800 cc fuel injected 6 cylinder) and would love to have one.

But I don’t NEED a new machine right now…and can’t afford one anyway with the current sucky economy and employment situation…

Ohhh…but I looked.

Daddy likes!
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