This, that, there.

Leaving there:

Leaving here.

On that:

On that.

Down there:

Down there

Something like this:

One of these

From up there:

From up there

Hit that:

Hit that

Breaking this:

Breaking this

And that:

And that

BARELY missing this:

Barely missing this

So that:

So that

Stayed there:


But I had this:

But I had this

In there:

In there

And these:

And these

So I could get there:

So I could get there

To find these:

To find these

To fix that:

To fix that

So it looks like this:

So it looks like this

So this:

So this

Can keep those:

Can keep those

Out of there:

Out of there

Y’all be safe out there!

Daniel Meyer

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